Leif Sigersen is the man behind LS, a company creating jewelry, Christmas and other seasonal decorations, interior designing and decoration assignments etc. Leif Sigersen designs and hand produces all the jewelry and seasonal decorations from fine vintage materials and modern materials which he carefully selects at markets all over the world and mixes with new and raw materials such as leather, old iron, faded paper and blotched old ribbon. Therefore both his jewelry and pieces are edgy with an exceptional new cool look.

After graduating from HH Leif Sigersen chose the creative path in life and became an educated flower artist. To broaden his skills he worked as a stylist assistant for a year before opening the legendary company and boutique Gaven til Paven in Copenhagen, which he successfully ran for 15 years.

He made a dream come true and moved to New York where he with great success ran the Butik with his companion and friend top model Helena Christensen. At the same time he worked as an interior designer for shops, offices, restaurants, private homes and as a set designer for magazines and in advertising.

Asking Leif which of his assignments he cherishes the most the first thing entering his mind is this story: I remember once Stevie Wonder contacted the Butik in The West Village. He wanted me to create one of my special flower bouquets which he had heard of. And then he added it should smell wonderful – I found that very sweet...

Now Leif Sigersen is back in Copenhagen, Denmark and is apart from running his company LS also working as a set designer and styling different seasonal arrangements different companies.